Arbitration and Mediation

Our highly-effective and neutral mediators are committed to helping resolve disputes through communication, reconciliation and negotiation between the parties.  Our team actively creates an environment whereby parties are able to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their case, while offering creative solutions that lead to a mutually acceptable settlement.  We are experienced in general civil litigation matters, with a specialty in employment/labor disputes, as well as commercial conflicts between manufacturers, customers, vendors, business partners/affiliates and insurers/insureds.

With over forty years of combined experience successfully negotiating and resolving numerous EEOC charges and employment-related lawsuits as well as general civil and commercial lawsuits, our mediators clearly understand both the defendant’s and the plaintiff’s perspective.  Our team is committed to the mediation process and believes that the right mediator can make a difference in the resolution of litigated and non-litigated issues.  If your mediation session does not result in a settlement, we will continue to endeavor to bring about a settlement by keeping the channels of communication open.  Although we specialize in employment and commercial mediations, our training and model can be used to resolve any type of conflict, claim or lawsuit.