Government Affairs

Government Affairs


FisherBroyles’ bipartisan Government Affairs Practice includes registered lobbyists, attorneys, and policy advisors with decades of distinguished professional experience in federal and state government. Our team has cultivated an extensive network of active contacts from both major political parties on Capitol Hill, the executive branch, and virtually every significant government agency. We leverage this shared expertise to foster productive, results-driven relationships with key government decision makers. FisherBroyles’ competitive advantage enhances our ability to craft effective arguments and devise legislative and regulatory strategies that yield positive outcomes for our clients.

We represent our clients in a range of regulatory and public policy matters, including:

  • Monitoring Capitol Hill and executive branch activity
  • Legislative drafting, strategy development, and implementation
  • Preparing committee report language and congressional testimony
  • Providing direct advocacy to key congressional and agency leadership and staff
  • Creating and supporting coalitions
  • Identifying and obtaining sources of federal funding via appropriations and authorizations
  • Coordinating congressional meetings and fly-ins
  • Providing advice on the organization, coordination, and management of similarly situated constituencies

Our practice is bolstered by FisherBroyles’ full complement of legal services, providing a direct conduit to a wealth of knowledge and experience of expert attorneys across practice groups, delivering precise answers and workable solutions, no matter the challenge.


Our experience in civil, commercial, and national security space policy enables our clients to influence the debates and discussions on long-standing and emergent industry challenges. Our team collaborates with policy makers to drive legislative developments in the field.


FisherBroyles’ lobbying team has a long record of success when it comes to securing appropriations for clients. Our extensive familiarity with the appropriations process—including relationships with members of the Appropriations Committees and key congressional staff—enables our team to identify applicable funding sources and garner support for funding requests.

Coalition Building

We provide a full range of advocacy measures on behalf of our trade association clients, including submitting written comments, offering testimony at congressional and regulatory hearings, drafting legal and policy white papers, engaging with policymakers directly, and holding industry events. We also have experience launching and managing ad hoc coalitions and trade associations.

Congressional Investigations

Our bipartisan congressional investigations group has a deep understanding of congressional and committee rules, key players, and the internal and external politics involved in these often high-profile investigations. We guide clients through proceedings, ranging from industry and issue-specific to confirmations, on a variety of topics, including advertising and marketing, antitrust, consumer protection, energy and environment, ethics and management, financial services, food and drug safety, government contracts, healthcare, homeland security, nonprofit, and privacy and data security. Our attorneys work to develop nuanced response strategies that unambiguously tell our clients’ side of the story to Congress, company stakeholders, and, when appropriate, the general public.


Our team offers creative and effective solutions to our defense industry clients and successfully advocates on their behalf before relevant congressional committees. We advise defense industry clients in various industries in every aspect of federal government affairs, including policy formation, public private partnerships, appropriations, research and analysis, direct advocacy, legislative drafting, congressional testimony and preparation of committee report language, and coalition building.

Financial Services

With experience navigating federal agencies and congressional committees with jurisdiction over financial services issues, our team represents payment processors, trade associations, global financial institutions, and alternative lenders at every level.  We also assist insurers and reinsurers in developing strategies for addressing legislation and other significant governmental actions.

On behalf of clients we execute direct advocacy campaigns, develop and shape policy, expand existing congressional relationships, and engage with the current administration to further position our clients.

Privacy and Data Security

FisherBroyles is at the center of policy discussions that benefit our clients and the industry. We offer counsel on such topics as location tracking, drone privacy, and autonomous vehicles at the federal and state levels. Our team provides comprehensive legislative advocacy in front of the U.S. Congress, state attorneys general, and relevant federal agencies on privacy, data security, and cybersecurity matters. We coordinate legal and policy research on congressional and regulatory developments, lobby Congress, and advise on public policy communications and grassroots efforts. We also participate in rulemakings, draft congressional testimony, convene coalitions, and support efforts by trade associations to draft and implement self-regulatory programs.


Our telecommunications team interacts with government on matters related to privacy, cybersecurity, consumer protection, and telemarketing legislation. Our attorneys have participated in federal regulation for decades, including FCC rulemakings and mass media issues.


FisherBroyles’ transportation team develops creative solutions for our transportation industry clients and successfully advocates on their behalf before relevant legislative and regulatory committees. We advise transportation clients in various industries in every aspect of federal government affairs, including policy formation, research and analysis, direct advocacy, legislative drafting, congressional testimony and preparation of committee report language, fly-in coordination, and coalition building.


Taking care of our nation’s veterans lies at the soul of FisherBroyles and our team. We work on a variety of issues from veterans’ health to veterpreneurship.