Patent Prosecution

Patent Preparation, Prosecution, and Portfolio Management

FisherBroyles has a deep patent prosecution bench serving clients from individual inventors to Fortune 100 companies.  We have patent practitioners in a wide variety of technical fields, including mechanical, medtech, chemistry, biotech, biochemistry, pharmaceutical, electrical, and computer hardware and software.  Our patent prosecution services include patent application preparation and prosecution before the U.S., PCT, and foreign examining authorities. If desired, we can provide additional services, including patentability, inventorship, validity, infringement, and freedom to operate studies and opinions, licensing, and portfolio counseling. We can also serve as patent litigation counsel for any matter.
Patent Trial and Appeal Board

FisherBroyles’ technical expertise includes the following areas, among others:

Biotechnical Arts Brewster, Echler, Eckman, Gonsalves, Hill, Jacobson, J. Kim, Kinkade, Leak, Leitzel, Pass, Rothwell, Simmons, Warr, Crowley-Weber, Whiting, Wu
Computer Science Arts Ambroziak, Bernabeo, Bills, Black, Born, Brooks, Chu, Fettig, Eisenhart, Hanks, Harders, Hill, Hornsby, Jablonski, A. Kim, Kitz, Lee, Lehrer, Lunt, McBeth, McFadden, Minsk, C.Mueller, Naccarella, Pass, Pohl, Reinitz, Shimmick, Smith, Smyth, Turner, Walsworth, Werking, Wickstrom
Chemical Arts Driscoll, Echler, Fullmer, Gonsalves, Jacobson, Nielson, Oiler, Petersen, Posillico, Russell, Shimmick, Wagner, Whiting, Wickstrom
Electrical Arts Ambroziak, Bills, Black, Born, Boyd, Brooks, Fettig, Hanks, Harders, Hornsby, Jablonski, A. Kim, Kinberg, Lee, Lunt, Lehrer, Osborne, Minsk, C. Mueller, Naccarella, Pass, Phillips, Pohl, Pulley, Reinitz, Smith, Smyth,  Turner, Walsworth,  Werking, Wickstrom
Mechanical Arts Bancroft, Bernabeo, Black, Born, Boyd, DoVale, Eisenhart, Hagadorn, Huffstetler, Kinkade, Manning, C.Mueller, J. Mueller, Oiler, Phillips, Pulley, Quinalty, Sanders, Walsworth, Wickstrom

Practicing People: 72 People

Jeffrey Ambroziak* New York
Martin Bancroft Seattle
Ryan Beard Austin
Gregory S. Bernabeo Philadelphia
Jon Bills Salt Lake City
Richard Black Seattle
Scott Born Seattle
John E. Boyd New York
Victoria L. Brewster Palo Alto
Jennifer Brooks Dallas
Alex Chu Palo Alto
Anthony J. DoVale Atlanta
Stephen Driscoll Philadelphia
Rich Echler Atlanta
Richard Eckman Palo Alto
John Eisenhart Washington, D.C.
Greg Fettig Denver
Michelle Fullmer Houston
Andrew K. Gonsalves New York
Charles Hagadorn III Seattle
Bryan K. Hanks Salt Lake City
W. Scott Harders Cleveland
James W. Hill, MD Los Angeles
Alton Hornsby III Atlanta
Rachel Healey Huffstetler Atlanta
Kevin Jablonski Seattle
Jill A. Jacobson Palo Alto
Joseph Kim Los Angeles
Allen Kim Los Angeles
Robert Kinberg Washington, D.C.
Christopher R. Kinkade Princeton
Rebecca Kitz Salt Lake City
Frank Leak Charlotte
Jonathan R. Lee Salt Lake City
Jared K. Lee Salt Lake City
Richard M. Lehrer New York
Adelaide K. Leitzel Palo Alto
Gregory R. Lunt Salt Lake City
Russell Manning Denver
Alan McBeth Salt Lake City
Sara McFadden Palo Alto
Alan D. Minsk Palo Alto
Jason Mueller Houston
Craig W. Mueller Denver
Ted Naccarella Philadelphia
Scott Nielson Salt Lake City
Susan Oiler Cincinnati
Thomas Osborne Denver
Jason M. Pass, Ph.D. Seattle
Maxwell Petersen Chicago
Rob Phillips Los Angeles
James Pohl Washington, D.C.
Joseph Posillico Philadelphia
Stephen Pulley Salt Lake City
Keats Quinalty Atlanta
Ariel Reinitz New York
Christy Rothwell Cincinnati
Michael W. Russell Washington, D.C.
Jeremy Sanders Seattle
John Shimmick Palo Alto
Naira Simmons Palo Alto
Roger Smith Salt Lake City
Marie T. Smyth Washington, D.C.
Rod S. Turner New York
Louis Wagner Cleveland
Ian Walsworth Denver
Alastair Warr Chicago
Cara Crowley-Weber Denver
Kipman T. Werking Salt Lake City
Adam K. Whiting Palo Alto
Christopher J. Wickstrom Salt Lake City
Rita Wu, Ph.D. Denver