Litigation & Risk Management

At FisherBroyles, the goal of the Litigation Management & Risk Assessment Group is to save time, money and frustration for our clients.  Our team of legal professionals provides flexible risk assessment and litigation management services so your business professionals can focus on running your business instead of managing litigation.  We handle everything from evaluating legal risks and potential claims before a lawsuit is filed, to making sure you have the right lawyers for the job once the case has been filed.  We can also provide a second set of eyes when your insurance carrier is providing defense counsel and develop creative solutions to large-scale discovery issues in complex cases.  In this economy, the need to control costs is more important than ever.  Having FisherBroyles in place to assess your legal risks and manage your litigation will help safeguard against out of control litigation expenses and costs by outside counsel.  We manage every step of your litigation to help you reach a successful result.

Here are just some of the areas in which we are able to assist our clients:

  • Case Evaluation and Litigation Strategy
  • Legal Research and Analysis
  • Attorney Selection
  • Document Retention and Litigation Holds
  • Document Review
  • Management of Outside Counsel
  • E-Discovery
  • Mediation, Arbitration and Settlement Presentations
  • Database Management
  • Deposition Preparation/Summarization

Practicing People: 78 People

Scott A. Agthe Austin
William J. Akins Austin
Wayne Alder Miami
Christina H. Bost Seaton New York
Brooks R. Bruneau Princeton
Maura L. Burke Wilmington
Randy Burton Houston
Bradley B. Bush Austin
Vincent Bushnell Atlanta
Amy L. Butler Cleveland
Anthony J. Calamunci Chicago
Katherine Capito Washington, D.C.
Adriana Cara Los Angeles
Aurora Cassirer New York
Richard B. Cohen New York
Anne Davies London
Anthony Davis New York
Matthew C. DeFrancesco New York
Amy Epstein Gluck Washington, D.C.
Joel M. Ferdinand Atlanta
Philip S. Gallas Washington, D.C.
Charles Geitner Naples
Jonathan E. Goldberg New York
Robert B. Graziano Columbus
Jill Guldin Philadelphia
R. Mark Halligan Chicago
Daniel D. Harshman Los Angeles
Fordham E. Huffman Cincinnati
Gary Ji New York
Cammi R. Jones Atlanta
Diem N. Kaelber Palo Alto
David G. Kern Cincinnati
Christopher R. Kinkade Princeton
William Kraus Detroit
Robert Lesko New York
R. Bates Lovett Atlanta
Tom Lundin Atlanta
James M. Marshall New York
Matthew May Washington, D.C.
Simone McCormick Palo Alto
Dan McGuire Dallas
Robert G. Menzies Naples
David Mesa Palo Alto
Maryam Meseha Princeton
Eric Meyer Philadelphia
Alfred J. Monte, Jr. Philadelphia
Rachel Moynihan Boston
Michael M. Murray New York
Scott Nathan Boston
Bradley P. Nelson Chicago
John Oh New York
Tony Onorato New York
Irene Oria Miami
Stuart Panensky Princeton
Mukti N. Patel Princeton
Chris Pey Charlotte
Bryan D. Pollard Dallas
Frank C. Porada Denver
Lisa Powell Houston
Leanne Prendergast Naples
David Renner Philadelphia
Gary Rinkerman Washington, D.C.
Donia Sawwan New York
Joseph Schramm Princeton
Joseph F. Shea Boston
Jason Spak Philadelphia
Landon Speights Houston
Sidney R Steinberg Philadelphia
Trent D. Stephens Houston
Benjamin Teris Princeton
Kenneth Thompson Atlanta
Michael R. Traven Columbus
Nicole Hughes Waid Naples
Gurpreet Singh (“Ray”) Walia New York
Matthew Weiner Palo Alto
Mark E. Wilson Chicago
Jack L. Wuerker Washington, D.C.
Craig F. Zappetti Philadelphia