FisherBroyles Announces Major Expansion of its Intellectual Property Group

Oct 17, 2016
  • Intellectual Property
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Eight Attorney Group Joins FisherBroyles’ Patent Team

(Atlanta, GA — October 17, 2016) — FisherBroyles LLP announced today that eight attorneys from ALG Intellectual Property, LLC have joined the nation’s first and largest cloud-based law firm in a major expansion of the firm’s intellectual property group. ALG is a prominent intellectual property boutique based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This group of attorneys has recently been named the Top Firm for Cybersecurity in the country by Juristat and significantly expands an already deep patent prosecution bench at FisherBroyles.

“Attorneys and, especially intellectual property attorneys, are beginning to realize that the Law Firm 2.0® platform provides them the opportunity to prosper while concentrating on meeting their clients’ needs without the usual maladies of BigLaw,” said FisherBroyles co-founder and Managing Partner, James M. Fisher, II. “Our focus on leveraging advanced technology to transform the practice of law has provided FisherBroyles with a platform that continues to attract top legal talent from traditional law firms and provide high-quality, cost-effective legal services that benefit our clients and partners.”

Joining FisherBroyles are Bryan K. Hanks, Jonathan R. Lee, Christopher John Wickstrom, Kipman T. Werking, Alan McBeth, Jon Bills, Rebecca Kitz, and Jared K. Lee.  In addition to the eight attorneys, the group is bringing five patent engineers.  This talented group of IP professionals concentrates on patent prosecution for Fortune 500 companies in the electrical arts and computer science technologies.

“FisherBroyles is a perfect fit in terms of culture and professional values,” said new partner Jonathan Lee. “Leveraging the cutting-edge technologies and practices of FisherBroyles will enable us to increase our responsiveness and client service while maintaining our commitment to providing high-quality legal representation.”

FisherBroyles’ Intellectual Property Managing Partner, T.J. DoVale says that this group rounds out an already deep patent prosecution bench that rivals firms three times the size of FisherBroyles.  “The Next Generation Law Firm® model allows FisherBroyles to compete with other world-class intellectual property law groups in both price and capabilities.”

“FisherBroyles has been visionary in aligning the interests of clients and legal practitioners, and we’re excited to be part of a top-tier firm that is paving the way for practicing law without the overhead and misaligned incentives weighing down traditional brick and mortar firms,” said new FisherBroyles partner, Bryan Hanks.




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