FisherBroyles recognizes that the success of many companies in today’s economy depends upon their ability to create, identify and protect their intellectual property rights.  From high-tech startups to established Fortune 500 companies, FisherBroyles attorneys have assisted their clients in establishing and protecting their intellectual property rights, both in the U.S. and abroad.  Because of our experience working within companies, we can help our clients at all stages in the life cycle of intellectual property, from helping employers ensure that they own the intellectual property work product of their employees and contractors, to helping companies identify new intellectual property they have created, to obtaining formal protection for new brands, ideas and innovations, to defending those valuable property rights from third-party infringers.  Our expertise includes the following offerings:

  • Patent Prosecution and Licensing
  • Trademark Prosecution and Licensing
  • Domestic and International Trademark Portfolio Management
  • Copyright Registration and Licensing
  • Rights management
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Intellectual Property Due Diligence in Transactional Matters
  • Intellectual Property Agreements with Employees and Contractors
  • Trade Secret Agreement
  • Intellectual Property Audits
  • Patent and Trademark clearance and enforcement
  • Patent and Trademark portfolio management
  • Trade secret protection
  • Internet and Social Media advice


  • Infringement Opinions
  • “Design-Around” Assistance
  • Cease-and-Desist Letters
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) Proceedings
  • Domain Name Disputes
  • Patent Inter partes review
  • Patent, trademark, and trade secret litigation


Scott A. Agthe

William J. Akins

John Bacoch*

Martin Bancroft*

Richard H. Bennett

Gregory Bernabeo*

Jon Bills*

John E. Boyd*

Gabor Brasnjo*

Victoria L. Brewster*

Brooks R. Bruneau

Wayne P. Bunch

Randy Burton

Vincent Bushnell

Peter J. Cahill

Jonathan T. Cain

Lisa A. Carroll

Hollace Topol Cohen

Anthony J. DoVale*

Stephen Driscoll *

Paul D. Economon

John Eisenhart*

Edward R. Ergenzinger*

Adam T. Ettinger

Greg Fettig*

Mia K. Fiedler*

Jana L. France

Charles Geitner

Tyler E. Giles

Michael Gilleran

Jonathan Evan Goldberg

Andrew K. Gonsalves*

Geoffrey Goodale

Elizabeth Haanes*

R. Mark Halligan

Bryan K. Hanks*

W. Scott Harders*

Daniel D. Harshman

Debra S. Hill

James W. Hill*

Alton Hornsby III*

Lenore Horton

Rachel Healey Huffstetler*

Kevin Jablonski*

Jill A. Jacobson*

Gary Ji*

Cammi R. Jones

Michael S. Khoury

Allen Kim*

Robert Kinberg*

W. Wayt King Jr.*

Rebecca Kitz*

Michael P. Kochka*

Jared K. Lee*

Jonathan R. Lee*

Richard M. Lehrer*

Deborah L. Lively

Tom Lundin

Gregory R Lunt*

Alan McBeth*

Andrea J. Mealey

Alfred J. Monte, Jr.

Stephen L. Neal, Jr.

Bradley P. Nelson

Phi H. D. Nguyen

Susan Oiler*

Tony Onorato

Irene Oria

Steven C. Papkin

Jason M. Pass*

Rob Phillips*

James Pohl*

Carson Porter

Stephen Pulley*

Keats Quinalty*

Ariel Reinitz*

Geoff Revelle

Lawrence Robins

Martin B. Robins

Michael Russell*

Joseph F. Shea

John Shimmick*

Michael L. Shor

Roger Smith*

John Stafford

Micah D. Stolowitz*

Mark Thomas*

Kenneth Thompson Jr.

Rod S. Turner*

Louis Wagner*

Gurpreet Singh (“Ray”) Walia

Alastair Warr*

Kyle Way*

Andrew Webster

Kipman T. Werking*

Adam K. Whiting*

Christopher J. Wickstrom*

Mark E. Wilson

Cara Crowley-Weber*

Bruce A. Wobeck

Robert T. Wright, Jr.

Rita Wu*

Anne E. Keenan-Yates

*Registered to Practice before the USPTO