FisherBroyles Announces Launch of ESG Advisory Group.

Jun 14, 2021
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(New York, NY – June 14, 2021)—FisherBroyles, LLP is pleased to announce the launch of its ESG Advisory Group – an international, cross-disciplinary legal advisory group counseling public and private companies, investment advisers, asset managers, and financial institutions in ESG-related compliance, strategic planning, and risk mitigation.

The group provides a holistic approach to assist corporate clients with integrating ESG and sustainability frameworks into their policies and procedures with a view to not only complying with legal and regulatory requirements, but also leveraging them to ensure sustainable growth.

The move comes at a time when ESG has rapidly developed as a key set of international standards and performance metrics to appraise the impacts of investments in companies and industries.

FisherBroyles’ distributed model is pioneering in terms of promoting sustainability, diversity, and inclusion in the legal profession which tracks developments in the ESG space. The firm remains one of the most sustainable law firms in the world despite its rapid growth.

Founded in 2002, FisherBroyles is the first and world’s largest distributed law firm, with 300+ attorneys practicing in 23 markets globally. The unique formula-based compensation and business model, leveraging talent and technology, ensures a low carbon footprint, diverse workforce, and uniquely meritocratic and inclusive culture.

FisherBroyles’ ESG Advisory Group is comprised of an international team of attorneys – namely, Ahpaly Coradin, Amy Epstein Gluck, Christopher Boyle, Jack Tsang, Lara Slachta, Michael Pierson, Robert Boresta, Scott Nathan, and Tiffany Comprés.

Their advisory services include Securities & Private Equity; Private Investment Funds; Banking & Financial Services; Corporate Governance; Mergers & Acquisitions; Energy/Oil & Gas; Environmental Health & Safety; ESG as an Employment Strategy; Technology; and International Disputes.

Michael Pierson, Managing Partner of the Firm’s Global Corporate practice, said: 

“We are delighted to announce the launch of our ESG Advisory Group. As a firm that naturally embodies ESG principles, our attorneys are uniquely positioned to provide holistic, cross-sectoral advice on corporate responsibility, risks, and opportunities to clients.”

Ahpaly Coradin, Partner, said:

“The role of lawyers in the transition towards lower carbon emissions, resource efficiency, economic resilience and societal equity cannot be understated. The launch of our ESG Advisory Group is a natural extension of our client offering and the whole team is hugely excited by the initiative.”

Robert Boresta, Partner, said:

“The launch of our ESG Advisory Group reflects FisherBroyles’ long-standing commitment to ESG work. The team’s deep, international, multidisciplinary legal expertise will ensure our clients achieve their ESG goals and navigate the growing field of legal, regulatory, technological and market change efficiently.”


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