FisherBroyles Partner, Vincent Bushnell, represents attorney Robert Scott Dufour during ongoing legal practice dispute.

Aug 10, 2023
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Successful motions in Georgia State-wide Business Court result in dissolution and appointment of receiver for law firm.


Atlanta, Georgia — August 10, 2023 — FisherBroyles, LLP is pleased to announce Vincent Bushnell, Partner at the Firm, and his co-counsel Charles Gabriel of Chalmers Adams, Backer & Kaufman PLLC, have  achieved successful judicial outcomes in an ongoing case heard by the Georgia State-wide Business Court (the “Court”). The case, Dufour v. Dufour et al., focuses on a legal dispute between two partners, Robert Scott Dufour and John Dufour, of the Van Pelt & Dufour Law Firm (“Van Pelt & Dufour”) related to the management and dissolution of Van Pelt & Dufour.

Vincent, representing Robert Dufour, secured a successful outcome as Judge William Grady Hamrick, III appointed a receiver to take control of Van Pelt & Dufour, including all of its assets, and to perform an accounting of the law firm. Judge Hamrick also granted a judicial dissolution of Van Pelt & Dufour as requested by Robert Dufour, as well as partial relief in favor of both Parties on their cross motions for interlocutory relief.

The case in the Court is ongoing as the appointed receiver reports to Judge Hamrick regarding the receivership, which the Parties expect to be completed later this year.


Vincent Bushnell, Partner at FisherBroyles, commented:

“I am pleased to secure successful outcomes for my client in the recent motions considered by Judge Hamrick in the Georgia State-wide Business Court.

“Although this case remains ongoing, we look forward to working with the appointed receiver and greatly appreciate Judge Hamrick’s consideration of the motions submitted by the Parties to date.”


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