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Sep 11, 2023
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New York City, NY – September 11, 2023 – FisherBroyles, LLP is pleased to announce Jonathan ‘Jed’ Davis has been appointed a Partner of the Firm. Jed joins FisherBroyles after more than a decade of private law practice focused on cyber-risk, plus four prior years conducting private investigations for large organizations.

Jed is an experienced cybersecurity and privacy lawyer, litigator, former career prosecutor, and private investigator. His practice includes data security and privacy, white collar litigation and investigations and criminal defense.

Containing cyber-risk has been Jed’s prime focus for over two decades. After training as a litigator at Cahill Gordon & Reindel (1990-1995) and working as an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan (1995-1998),  he served as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Eastern District of New York from 1998 to 2007, including as the district’s Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property Crimes Coordinator.

Since 2007, as a Managing Director at Kroll, and since 2012, as a lawyer in private practice at Day Pitney LLP and at his own firm, Jed has assisted hundreds of private clients, across multiple sectors, to investigate complex, cyber-driven issues and resolve legal and related problems arising from them. He has also represented and advised clients in similarly difficult cases involving theft of trade secrets, employee misconduct, and compliance flaws.

Jed is a cum laude graduate of Yale College and received his J.D. from New York University School of Law.

Michael Pierson, Managing Partner – Global Corporate at FisherBroyles, said:

“The Firm is delighted to welcome Jed to its Cyber-Risk; Privacy & Data Security Practice group. Jed is a versatile and experienced lawyer who will be an asset for the Firm, drawing on over two decades of experience in containing cyber-risk. He is the newest, and very welcome, addition to FisherBroyles’ active cyber and corporate privacy groups.”

Jonathan ‘Jed’ Davis, Partner at FisherBroyles, commented:

“I look forward to working with the adept and astute cyber and data security law Partners at FisherBroyles and collaborating with their equally talented colleagues across the Firm. FisherBroyles, with its unique distributed model, is the ideal solution to reach and help an expanding universe of clients seeking adroitly and cost-effectively to confront and contain cyber and related risks.”  


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