Law360 publishes “Expert Analysis” from FisherBroyles employment attorney Eric B. Meyer on “11 Keys To Success At Remote Mediation.”

Jun 22, 2020
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Today, lawyers and their clients may have one viable option for alternative dispute resolution: remote mediation. Ignore the naysayers, remote mediation is a good option. The tech learning curve is shallow, you cut down on travel time, and the mediation results can speak for themselves.

An increasing part of Eric Meyer’s multi-faceted practice is not just helping parties get to “yes” through alternative dispute resolution, but leveraging technology to do so. On Friday, June 19, 2020, Law360 published Eric’s “Expert Analysis” entitled “11 Keys To Success At Remote Mediation.” This is not an article about why you should consider remote mediation or even how to use a platform like Zoom to mediate. Rather, Eric offers 11 tips to help obtain a fantastic outcome for your clients. You will need a Law360 subscription to access the article (here).

For over a decade, Eric has mediated nothing but employment law matters as a go-to neutral for both employee-rights and management-side attorneys to resolve disputes for their clients. Eric is a volunteer mediator for the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and court-appointed mediator in the federal court system. You can download a copy of Eric’s mediator CV by clicking here.

Additionally, Eric has designed a continuing legal education program to improve attorneys’ performance when representing their clients at employment law mediations. If you’d like to book Eric to present this training module, click here.

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