Partner Spotlight– Alan Minsk

Nov 12, 2021
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Partner Spotlight – Alan Minsk

Why did you join FisherBroyles?

As a Patent Counsel and Patent Portfolio Strategist who provides services to start-ups as part of my practice, I wanted to join a firm where some of the financial constraints of start-ups could be accommodated by being able to offer a range of types of alternative fees. The opportunity to join FisherBroyles was very attractive due to the unique compensation structure, which allowed my clients to benefit from my use of fixed fees for certain tasks.

Secondly, there are a large number of experienced IP and patent attorneys at FisherBroyles, even compared to some of the larger IP boutiques or general practice firms. As a result, there is more than the required critical mass of Partners with experience and expertise to discuss issues with and who are willing to assist, making it an efficient and collaborative firm.

How is it different from previous law firms you have worked at?

As FisherBroyles was created as a distributed law firm, the Firm is aware of the importance of communication with everyone working remotely and has implemented many processes to ensure it works seamlessly.

The compensation structure encourages collaboration and an efficient distribution of work among Partners. It recognizes the different contributors to providing a client with service and each one receives a fair share of the revenue generated by a task. This ensures that Partners focus on getting the best job done for the client and enables each Partner to do what they do best while encouraging the sharing of work.

At FisherBroyles, there is also a better work-life balance thanks to the ability to integrate work more effectively with your life and other commitments.

How would you describe FisherBroyles’ culture?

There is a genuine willingness to step in and share advice with other Partners, as well as encouragement from everyone to develop their own practices.

All of the Partners are extremely experienced in what they do and are willing to assist with advice or performing part of a task for a client.

What benefits does it bring to clients?

FisherBroyles clients receive high-quality work at a very competitive price. We have experienced attorneys with a high degree of expertise in a wide variety of practice areas and jurisdictions.

What benefits does it bring to you?

I have been able to build a network of experienced attorneys from among the Partners in a wide range of practice areas. I often assist clients by developing and implementing a protection strategy for innovations using particular technologies (Neural Networks, Machine Learning, NLP, image and signal processing, SaaS platforms, and Mobile), the Firm’s platform has allowed me to do work for clients other than my own, as these technologies are being used in many different industries.

As a result, I have been introduced to clients who I may not have been able to meet otherwise because they are part of industries I did not typically work with.

What would your message be to other lawyers interested in FisherBroyles? 

Reach out. I would be happy to tell them all about the Firm and its benefits. The firm is particularly beneficial for experienced attorneys doing patent work or other practice areas where alternative fee arrangements are popular.



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