Partner Spotlight- Irene Oria

Nov 05, 2021
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Partner Spotlight – Irene Oria

Why did you join FisherBroyles?

I was drawn to FisherBroyles by its platform as it provides flexibility in terms of rates, billing arrangements, lack of office politics and bureaucracy, and the ability to work from home. At FisherBroyles, I have been able to enjoy a work life balance that is impossible to achieve at traditional law firms.

The Firm also offers an abundance of cross-selling and cross-marketing opportunities and a compensation structure that were hugely attractive.

Additionally, FisherBroyles is truly diverse, and this is something hugely important to me. The Firm is continuously looking to improve its diversity statistics but its model naturally appeals to diverse members of our profession and community. The diversity grew organically and the Firm now has so many partners from all races, ethnicities and genders. This feeds into the welcoming, collaborative culture we have here at FisherBroyles.

How is it different from previous law firms you have worked at?

At FisherBroyles, everyone has an incentive to collaborate with other Partners and in doing so help themselves. The unique compensation structure means that the Partners at the Firm see much more of what they bring in from their book of business, but also from what they do for other Partners’ clients.

FisherBroyles is also different in that I have had the opportunity to work on small, medium and large client cases which is something I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to do. As a senior business litigator and trial lawyer, the diversity of work and client base is far greater than I would have had at Big Law firms. This has been great for me personally and has allowed me to expand my network and develop my practice exponentially.

How would you describe FisherBroyles’ culture?

Cohesive. We are very much a family at FisherBroyles. All the Partners have the same mindset and are willing to help each other out across different practice areas and jurisdictions.

As it was built as a distributed law firm from the ground up, FisherBroyles understands the value and importance of communication. Hence, despite the distance, the Partners know each other and their clients better than is true of partners at a traditional law firm.

What benefits does it bring to clients?

One of the primary benefits is that in this economic climate, clients are looking for the best lawyers at the best prices – and this is exactly what FisherBroyles offers. Due to the low overhead and operational efficiencies, the Firm is able to offer the most competitive hourly rates while still offering the highest quality attorneys.

The service offered to clients is second to none as there is always someone willing to help, and rather than an Associate lending their hand, it is a highly qualified, experienced senior Partner offering support and guidance on cases at the same rate or even a lower rate than a Big Law Associate rate.

What benefits does it bring to you?

Since joining the Firm, I have enjoyed a more fulfilling work life balance than I previously had at other AmLaw law firms. The model also facilitates better communication and cross-selling and cross-marketing opportunities between Partners.

We are able to serve our clients more efficiently and effectively, at our own pace and with the support of the Firm every step of the way.  Whether it be by helping identify secretarial or paralegal support, supporting recruitment efforts for temporary or permanent Partners to work on your client’s matters, and of course, general day-to-day advice and support from Partners on client-related issues, and so much more, the Firm provides practice support as often and as much as needed.  This support breeds a unique sense of cohesiveness, and the network building aspect is part of the Firm’s DNA.

Working at FisherBroyles also brings enormous financial benefits due to the unique and highly incentivizing compensation structure.

Importantly, the benefits of working at FisherBroyles are numerous and they won’t go away once the pandemic is over.

What would your message be to other lawyers interested in FisherBroyles? 

Changing law firms is a significant step, but if you want to serve your clients more efficiently, be a part of a truly collaborative network of lawyers, and also have the time and flexibility to spend as much time as you want and need to spend with loved ones and on other endeavours outside of legal work that you find rewarding, do consider FisherBroyles as this is the best possible law firm environment.



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