Partner Spotlight- Kenneth Thompson

Mar 06, 2023
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Partner Spotlight – Kenneth Thompson

How long have you practiced law and what is your practice area?

I have been practicing law for nearly 27 years. I began practicing in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps, followed by stints at small and large law firms and as in-house litigation counsel and general counsel of a software company.  My practice has varied but it has focused primarily on complex litigation, including counseling, advising, investigating, and training to identify and mitigate litigation risk proactively.

Who is your typical client?

My clients range from large corporate conglomerates to young startups and individual entrepreneurs. While the need for comprehensive legal advice and representation to manage and navigate business disputes may vary with scale it never dissipates. The FisherBroyles platform enables me to scale my practice and help clients of all sizes overcome their respective challenges and remain focused on their business and goals.

How would you describe the Litigation practice area at FisherBroyles?

Agile, effective, efficient and very collaborative. The breadth and depth of expertise combined with the Firm’s ‘client-first’ culture centers the aim of helping people and institutions prosper and achieve their goals; incidentally one of the key reasons I practice law.

This pooled knowledge means we can always offer expertise on any given subject matter.

Every member of the Litigation group shares a few common traits – professionalism, dedication to clients and their objectives, and a desire to efficiently remove obstacles clients may face.

How is it different from previous law firms you have worked at?

The Litigation group at the Firm avoids ‘bad habits’ I have seen at other firms over the years.  We are always on guard to avoid being stodgy, unimaginative, defensive, predictable, or wasteful.

The innovative vision behind FisherBroyles’ foundation is embedded within the firm’s DNA and influences everything – particularly the approach to resolving problems for our clients. We couple the extensive knowledge and experience within the group with the freedom and expectation to think creatively and collaborate to advance our clients’ goals.

The outstanding culture and the Firm’s innovative distributed model enables a true work-life-balance and simultaneously highlights the professional brilliance of FisherBroyles’ partners.

Have you been able to grow/build your personal practice since joining the Firm? If so, how and has the Firm’s model enabled that?

Absolutely. FisherBroyles’ model and its alignment with our clients’ goals is incredibly attractive, while the impressive credentials of our litigators and partners enhance the value proposition I can offer.

For example, my software and technology clients take great comfort in knowing their corporate concerns will be addressed by a former general counsel of a well-known national technology company. We have partners across a variety of practice areas with similar levels of expertise, and my clients know they can leverage that talent at a fraction of the rates offered by other firms.

The talent pool at FisherBroyles far surpasses any comparable group I have worked with throughout my career. To tap this resource at competitive rates compared to traditional law firms is a no-brainer and a game-changer.

My practice is now larger than it has ever been and is still growing. At the same time the FisherBroyles model has enabled me to reconnect with what I love about my profession – I feel like I’m helping my clients, and not like I’m just another problem for them to navigate.


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