Partner Spotlight- Robert Lesko

Nov 19, 2021
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Partner Spotlight – Robert Lesko

How long have you practiced law and what is your practice area?

For 28 years – since 1993 – and my practice area is litigation. About half my practice is representing diverse businesses in domestic and international litigation and arbitration involving a variety of commercial disputes, ranging from alleged unfair business practices and intellectual property infringement to contractual disputes and distributorship. The other half of my practice consists of life, health, disability and ERISA litigation on behalf of insurers and employee welfare benefits plans.

Who is your typical client?

My clients range from large domestic and multinational corporations to small and medium-sized domestic businesses. I also represent employers, insurance companies, fraternal benefits societies, employee benefits plans and plan administrators.

How would you describe the litigation practice area at FisherBroyles?

Unique and cohesive. All the partners have the same mindset and understand the value, and importance, of communication. There is plenty of collaboration within the litigation practice at FisherBroyles – and between different practice areas and jurisdictions too.

How is it different from previous law firms you have worked at?

The Firm’s model uniquely empowers and incentivises lawyers to do their best work for clients all the time.

At FisherBroyles, there is no need for the micro-managing bureaucracy found at many traditional law firms which can sap the energy of attorneys. Firm resources belong to individual partners and as the model attracts responsible practitioners with direct responsibility and control over managing their own costs and maximizing profits, there is no need for micro-management.

The Firm provides tremendous support in all areas –such as payroll, HR, compliance, IT and IP, but it has also eliminated unnecessary and inefficient overhead so that more of each billable dollar can be devoted to producing higher quality work product.

Although one might not expect this in such an entrepreneurial model, my clients also benefit from a cohesive team atmosphere among partners who are genuinely interested in each other’s success and eager to work together; in large part, because the model incentivizes collaboration. Moreover, the breadth and depth of expertise at the Firm is second to none. The model attracts only the most talented and responsible lawyers in the first place. As a result, partners and clients alike benefit from the rare quality and experience the Firm boasts in so many different areas of practice. My clients have already benefited greatly from the wealth of skill, experience and diverse perspectives of many of my partners around the country.

Have you been able to grow/build your personal practice since joining the Firm? If so, how and has the Firm’s model enabled that?

Absolutely. My personal practice has grown through referrals and introductions from fellow partners. I have also found it has developed due to the general curiosity and increased awareness of the Firm’s model. I find myself having more conversations and spreading the word about its benefits, which have in turn resulted in more opportunities for work and network development.



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