Partner Spotlight- Seth Travis

Dec 13, 2021
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Partner Spotlight – Seth Travis

How long have you practiced law and what is your practice area?

I have been practicing for more than 25 years, and my practice has changed over the years.  I was a litigator for almost 15 years at Jenner & Block.  I spent the next decade as General Counsel with two start-up trading and investment firms.  My practice now allows me to use the expertise I have developed across disciplines – corporate and regulatory work, hedge fund and trading work, outside general counsel services, employment matters, and litigation.

Who is your typical client?

My clients are diverse.  I represent many trading firms, investment funds, investment managers, broker-dealers, and other financial services firms.  I also represent entrepreneurs, investors, and high net worth individuals.

I have been fortunate as well that my in-house and litigation experience has given me the opportunity to work with some large manufacturers and technology-centric firms across industries.

How would you describe the financial services practice area at FisherBroyles?

Impressive.  The firm has the expertise to serve the needs of hedge funds, venture funds, broker-dealers, prop trading firms, crypto and blockchain firms, and exchanges.  It’s the sort of team I was always searching for when I was the client and our fee structure is far more attractive than the typical big law firm.

How is it different from previous law firms you have worked at?

The firm has the expertise and capabilities of a large law firm, but is far more flexible and entrepreneurial than other firms.  FisherBroyles lawyers can build their practice however they like.  They can get their work done within the confines of the rest of their life, rather than having work driving everything else.  There is no face time, no billable hour requirements, and none of the politics that you would usually see at large law firms.  FisherBroyles lawyers are happy practicing law and I believe that carries through to the service they provide to their clients.

As I mentioned, I spent nearly 15 years at Jenner & Block.  I can’t say a bad word about the firm or the people – I met my wife there, made lifelong friends, and had wonderful mentors.  I have also hired many of the other large firms in Chicago when I was a client.  Many of those firms are now in a position to serve only a relatively small set of clients that can afford the current big firm rate structure and staffing model.

FisherBroyles is markedly different.  It has the capacity and expertise to handle any of the matters that the largest firms handle, but it is built to represent a far broader array of clients and matters.

Have you been able to grow/build your personal practice since joining the Firm? If so, how and has the Firm’s model enabled that?

I came directly from an in-house role to start a new practice here at FisherBroyles and it has been a very successful, and enjoyable, first year at the Firm. I’ve been able to bring in my own clients and work with my partners across practice areas.  Many of my partners have referred matters to me or asked me to assist on their matters and ongoing client relationships.  The culture of the firm is for partners to help one another service their clients and grow their practices. The structure of the firm also incentivizes that behavior.




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