Partner Spotlight- William Akins

Oct 22, 2021
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Partner Spotlight – William Akins

Why did you join FisherBroyles?

I was drawn to FisherBroyles by the people and their enthusiasm.  Back when I considered joining, everyone with whom I spoke had taken a leap of faith and they were uniformly grateful to have done so.  That gratefulness fostered an enthusiasm that drew people to the firm.  As we have grown in size, that enthusiasm has not waned.  One reason is because it is genuine and organic.  People here take time to talk about the firm and how it has changed their lives because, in my experience, being a part of our team genuinely does change lives.  We want others to be just as happy.


How is it different from previous law firms you have worked at?

How would you describe FisherBroyles’ culture?

I would say that it is different primarily because of the culture.  Our culture developed over many years, built on the foundation from the start that good lawyers are “partners” in the truest sense: independent but connected and trusted by each other and the firm.  It is a careful balance that takes years to accomplish.  A traditional law firm cannot suddenly make itself fully remote and say that it matched what our firm has achieved.  It would be the same law firm with the same issues, just distributed.  The cultural balance we enjoy has to be built from the ground up; maintaining that balance comes from years of experience.  One tremendous benefit is healthier, happier partners.  When partners are happier, they provide the best advice and service to their clients, which in turn makes their clients happier.  Our culture not only enables this but champions it.


What benefits does it bring to clients?

There are many.  One of the primary benefits is scope of service.  We are truly a full-service firm.  Coming from a predominantly litigation-based firm, this was a significant value add to clients.  Another is flexibility, both in time commitments and rates.  My clients benefit from knowing that I can orient my time to best suit their needs and arrange hourly rates that make sense for their legal spend budgets.  This flexibility is made possible by eliminating unnecessary overhead.  And we do not get the yearly pressure to increase rates across the board.  Our clients can rest easy knowing that.


What benefits does it bring to you?

Since I joined 7+ years ago, I have been able to orient my work around my life, not the other way around.  The pandemic really magnified the benefits.  While colleagues at other firms underwent upheaval, nothing disrupted my practice, except in a good way.  We were already set up.  I was able to transition many hearings and depositions to video-based, which is more efficient and saves clients’ money.  In fact, I tried a case last year via video with a dozen witnesses in other states, and it was seamless.  Management transparency and support here is unparalleled.  I know how the firm functions and, because of our compensation structure, we are not beholden to a compensation committee.  I cannot imagine going back to that type of a system.


What would your message be to other lawyers interested in FisherBroyles? 

We were all in your shoes before we joined FisherBroyles.  Changing law firms is a big deal.  Often, there are only marginal differences, at best, when moving from one white box office to the next white box office.  Our firm offers a new path.  When you are ready to change your life and practice for the better, reach out to us.


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