Whether advising a clean energy startup on product development or doing patent prosecution on behalf of a pharmaceutical company to protect drug innovation, Dr. Cara Crowley-Weber’s goal is to help clients increase the value of their companies via their intellectual property.

Cara is experienced in securing, protecting, managing and monetizing intellectual property in the life sciences sector, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, animal health, medical devices and diagnostics, and health care services. She draws upon both her cancer biology and pharmacology research background and years of experience as a patent attorney to help her clients’ businesses continue to innovate and thrive.

Cara works with companies from coast to coast providing counsel on patent portfolio management and business strategies to drive revenue based on intellectual property in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, and agriculture industries. Cara’s work includes advising clients on intellectual property matters related to freedom-to-operate assessments, non-infringement and invalidity assessments, due diligence for mergers and acquisitions or investments, licensing agree...

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  • Representative Transactions
    • IAM Patent 1000, Recommended Expert – Patent Prosecution, Intellectual Asset Management, 2015-2017
    • US 8,771,696 Method of reducing the severity of stress hyperglycemia with human antibodies to the glucagon receptor
    • US 8,445,434 IGF-1 fusion polypeptides and therapeutic uses thereof
    • US 8,414,890 Human antibodies to human RANKL, encoding nucleic acids and methods of treatment
    • US 8,414,876 Methods of using IL-1 antagonists to treat autoinflammatory disease
    • US 8,329,181 Methods for treating B-cell lymphoma by administering an anti-CD20 antibody
    • US 7,361,476 Methionyl tRNA synthetase polynucleotides
    • US 7,335,499 tRNA synthetase
    • US 7,304,152 metRS2
    • US 7,220,757 Compositions and methods for topical administration of 2-NH-heteroarylimidazoles
  • Publications
    • Supreme Court Moves to Clarify Induced Infringement Standard, Client Alert, June 16, 2015
    • Claim Construction Deconstructed—Another Layer of Diverging Standards, Client Alert, Feb. 9, 2015
    • Upcoming Supreme Court IP Cases Will Have Big Impact, Co-Author, Today’s General Counsel, February 2015
    • Development in Pharma Patent Settlement Lawsuit, Client Alert, December 10, 2014
    • Patent Ever-Greening: Not So Obvious, Client Alert, December 5, 2014
    • Standard for Induced Patent Infringement in Flux, Client Alert, Oct. 23, 2014
    • Denver Satellite Patent Office Opens, Client Alert, June 16, 2014
    • Mitochondrial perturbation attenuates bile acid-induced cytotoxicity, Co-Author, Cell Biol Toxicol, 21(5-6):215-31, September-November, 2005
    • Caspase-6 mediated cleavage of guanylate cyclase alpha 1 during deoxycholate-induced apoptosis: protective role of the nitric oxide signaling module, Co-Author, Cell Biol Toxicol, 19(6):373-92, November 2003
    • Nicotine increases oxidative stress, activates NF-kappaB and GRP78, induces apoptosis and sensitizes cells to genotoxic/xenobiotic stresses by a multiple stress inducer, deoxycholate: relevance to colon carcinogenesis, Co-Author, Chem Biol Interact, 145(1):53-66, March 6, 2003
    • Development and molecular characterization of HCT-116 cell lines resistant to the tumor promoter and multiple stress-inducer, deoxycholate, Co-Author, Carcinogenesis, 23 (12):2063-80, December 2002
    • The NAD+ precursors, nicotinic acid and nicotinamide protect cells against apoptosis induced by a multiple stress inducer, deoxycholate, Co-Author, Cell Death Differ, 7(3):314-26, March 2000




Cara Crowley Weber, Ph.D.


[email protected]




U.S. Patent & Trademark Office


University of Arizona, J.D., 2004
University of Arizona, B.S., 1994
University of Arizona Health Science Center, Ph.D., 2000, Microbiology and Immunology, minor in Pharmacology and Toxicology

Prior Law Firm Experience

Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck
Merchant and Gould
Harness Dickey

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