Martin Bancroft is an experienced intellectual property attorney concentrating on patent preparation and prosecution. He specializes in physics, optics, electronics, and software. He is a pragmatic patent attorney focused on getting maximum impact from an IP portfolio through both US and international patent filings. Martin’s legal and technical background allows him to understand client concerns and provide informed advice.

Martin started his legal career in private practice, working with large corporations, mid-size companies, start-ups, and university technology transfer offices.

Later, Martin joined an IP asset management company. He collaborated with a number of large law firms to develop patent portfolios in a variety of technical areas, such as electronic devices, advanced materials, nanotechnology, energy storage, semiconductors, lasers, optics, displays, telecommunications, wireless communications, radar, metamaterials, software, Internet of things (IOT), business methods, e-commerce, electro-mechanical devices, automotive technology, medical imaging, and medical devices.

Prior to law school, he worked as a research scientist, studying the electrica...

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  • Publications
    • US Patent No. 5,796,459, “Bistable nematic liquid crystal device with bigrating alignment layers and twist”, co-inventor
    • “Viscosity coefficients and elastic constants of nematic solutions of a side-chain polymer”, HJ Coles, MS Bancroft , Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 237(1), 97-110 (1993)
    • “Dielectric relaxation studies of Goldstone mode fluctuations in SSFLC cells”, MS Bancroft, CV Brown, JC Jones, Ferroelectrics, 180(1), 1-13 (1996)
    • “Detailed simulation of the Goldstone mode response of ferroelectric liquid crystals in the surface stabilised geometry”, CV Brown, JC Jones, MS Bancroft, Ferroelectrics, 245(1), 71-79 (2000)




Martin Bancroft


[email protected]




New York


University of Michigan, JD, 2004
University of Manchester, BSc (Physics), 1982
University of Manchester, PhD (Physics), 1985

Practice Areas