A Better Way to Practice Law in the New Normal

At FisherBroyles, our Law Firm 2.0® business model aligns the interests of clients and our people by identifying and eliminating the inefficiencies of the traditional law firm business model. While our firm resembles other large, global law firms in terms of the sophistication, breadth, and experience of our partners, we leverage technology and talent instead of real estate to deliver clients the highest quality legal counsel, resulting in a more efficient law practice. The distributed nature of our partnership allows us to work wherever and whenever clients need us. We focus on delivering long-term value rather than short-term profits. Unbound by geographic location, we attract the best lawyers wherever they are located. Unburdened by inefficient overhead, our Law Firm 2.0® business model allows us to produce the highest quality work product, delivered faster and more efficiently than traditional, global firms.

Our partnership is comprised of some of the brightest legal minds from some of the largest law firms and some of the most sophisticated corporate legal departments in the world, and all must meet our standards of excellence to join our team. The removal of traditional law firm inefficiencies allows our people to develop long-term client relationships, deliver more value to our clients, and to earn unparalleled compensation. Our people are empowered.

Top 10 Reasons to Move Your Practice to FisherBroyles in the New Normal

10.  Starting over 18 years ago, we were the pioneers of attorneys working remotely and our 150 plus partners work from any physical location they or their clients desire, including home offices, outside offices, or client sites;

9.  We have no minimum billing quotas because we believe they represent a conflict of interest with our clients;

8.  Our partners earn significantly more money per billable hour;

7.  Our partners do not subsidize the expenses of other partners that are unique to the individual partner or practice group thereby eliminating resentment among partners for inequitable distribution of firm resources;

6.  Our partners benefit from being able to leverage their time and earn substantial origination credit for all work performed for clients they bring to the firm, even when another attorney is doing the work;

5.  Our partners have true flexible schedules, which allows them to achieve a meaningful work-life balance;

4.  Our partners earn “equity-based”, recurring recruiting bonuses that continue for as long as both partners are with the firm;

3.  Our partners participate in a completely objective, open, and transparent compensation system that does not allow for individuals to be treated differently based on personal characteristics;

2.  Our partners are able to retain their clients longer and develop new ones more easily because they have the authority to set their own billing rates and fee arrangements;

1.  Our partners enjoy the peace of mind that comes with job security due to the firm’s financial stability. FisherBroyles has no debt, lower capital expenses than traditional firms, and a formula-based compensation model. As a result, we have never laid off any partners, reduced compensation, or required capital calls due to an economic downturn. In fact, our partnership agreement prohibits changes to partner compensation. Our Law Firm 2.0® model enables us to operate on less than 15% of gross revenue for two primary reasons. First, FisherBroyles is the only distributed law firm in the world large enough to have achieved such economies of scale. Second, the firm structure is built on efficiency, leveraging technology and talent instead of OldLaw’s real estate and inexperienced partners. FisherBroyles may be the most financially stable law firm of its size.

If you are a highly-qualified candidate (or group of highly qualified candidates) with at least seven years’ experience, a material amount of which was gained in an AmLaw 100 or 200, Silver Circle, or Magic Circle law firm, sophisticated corporate department, or strategic governmental agency, and can demonstrate the ability to develop a certain amount of portable business, we would like to have a discussion with you about being part of Law Firm 2.0®. Please send your resume to Recruiting.