Our people are our greatest asset. At the core of our efforts is a commitment to empower partners to achieve their maximum success without the restrictions and biases inherent in the traditional law firm model. FisherBroyles offers freedom and flexibility in the practice of law, empowering partners to set their own rates, to customize delivery of legal services to clients, and to practice without roadblocks imposed by the top down structure of most large law firms.

Our radical structure institutionalizes inclusiveness by using nondiscretionary policies and procedures. By utilizing a formula-based compensation model, applying nondiscretionary client credit rules, and eliminating billable quotas, FisherBroyles allows partners of diverse backgrounds to succeed without conflict with other partners, with the law firm, or with the best interests of clients. The result is an explosion of financial success and organic diversity.

Not only is FisherBroyles one of the most diverse partnerships of any global law firm, our partners reap some of the highest profits per billable hour of any firm in the world. The resulting success and achievement is enjoyed by partners without regard to any individual factors or characteristics.


Diversity and Inclusion