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FisherBroyles Welcomes New Patent Partner to its Denver Office

FisherBroyles, LLP is pleased to welcome Rita S. Wu, Ph.D., J.D. as a partner in the firm. Dr. Wu uses her academic background, that includes a PhD in microbiology and immunology, as well as clinical research experience as a post-doctoral fellow studying cancer immunotherapies, to bring technical expertise to her patent law practice.  Rita is [...]

Intellectual Property Partner, Micah Stolowitz, will be speaking at The BigML Event, “The Importance of Protecting Your Inventions on Time; From a startup, a big corporation, and a legal perspective”, in Spain on October 25-27, 2017

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Intellectual Property Law Update: September 2017

Fall: time for baseball playoffs, NFL season in high gear … and IP-related profit opportunities such as: Considerations when addressing requests for assumption of IP licenses by bankrupt companies; Ramifications of US Supreme Court case allowing ‘disparaging’ trademarks; How a Privacy Shield filing can help you meet your GDPR obligations; Uber and privacy policies!! Your [...]

FisherBroyles, LLP and Partner R. Mark Halligan have received ACQ5 Global Awards 2017

FisherBroyles, LLP has been named US (Chicago) Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year in the ACQ5 Global Awards 2017, and Partner R. Mark Halligan has been named US (Chicago) Intellectual Property Lawyer of the Year in the ACQ5 Global Awards 2017. ACQ5 (Acquisition Finance Magazine) is a leading corporate magazine news site. It has been serving the finance [...]

Intellectual Property Law Update – June 2017 IP newsletter

Summertime – what a great time to address IP issues which directly impact your bottom line: Implications of recent Supreme Court ruling allowing copyrighting of some fashion designs; Implications – legal and commercial – of recent Supreme Court case restricting where patent infringement cases may be brought; Deciphering some key cyber-security terms; Fame and confusion [...]

Intellectual Property Law Update

Now that we’ve made it through another winter, it is a great time to address several IP issues which will likely make a difference to your 2017 bottom line: Dealing with infringement of your IP; Handling of employees leaving for competitors; Development of proper responses for when you are hacked; Borrowing against IP – key [...]

Take Down Abuse: Fighting Back Against False Copyright Claims on the Internet

You have a business that sells its goods by listing them on an Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) website such as Amazon® or Ebay®. One day, you receive a “Take-Down Notice” informing you that the ISP has removed your listings because someone has demanded that the ISP delist or “take down” your goods from the website [...]

FisherBroyles Announces New Intellectual Property Partner James J. Pohl

(Washington, D.C. — January 24, 2017) — FisherBroyles, LLP is pleased to announce that James J. Pohl has joined its Washington, D.C. office as a partner in its Intellectual Property Law Group.  Pohl is an experienced patent attorney with a true passion for providing thoughtful and judiciously creative advice to help clients succeed. “James is [...]

FisherBroyles Partners, T.J. DoVale and Amy Epstein Gluck, quoted in The Washington Post article, ‘Work Advice: Who owns the rights to your designs? It depends.’

Intellectual property attorney, T.J. DoVale, and employment attorney, Amy Epstein Gluck, were recently quoted in The Washington Post online magazine article, “Work Advice: Who owns the rights to your designs? It depends.” In this article, advice columnist Karla L. Miller of The Washington Post answers a reader’s question pertaining to in-house graphic design work and [...]