Partner Spotlight- Tiffany Comprés

Oct 15, 2021
  • Partner Spotlight

Partner Spotlight – Tiffany Comprés

Why did you join FisherBroyles?

A few reasons, and not in any particular order:

  • I love working from home – I find I’m more productive. Plus, my dog loves it.
  • I needed a firm that took the long view. I found it very challenging to get support for growing my business at a traditional firm that looks only at today’s numbers.
  • I yearned for a more collaborative environment.
  • I sought to grow internationally and wanted a firm with which to grow. Generally, I was really ready for something new, not the same law firm in a different shiny package. A new way of lawyering, one that actually matches the reality of the 21st century.


How is it different from previous law firms you have worked at?

Extremely different in the best way. I have the freedom to manage my practice as I see fit. I have never collaborated with my partners as much as I do at FB, many of whom I’ve never met in person! My income has essentially doubled, which gives me the ability to fund my business development as I wish, while passing cost savings directly to my clients. That said, if I need to step back from my workload, I can do that, too, and not fear for my position at the firm (and I will still take home more than I did before).


How would you describe FisherBroyles’ culture?

Youthful. We have all age ranges and all types, and I find most everyone shares a similar youthful energy and passion for the practice of law.


What benefits does it bring to clients?

Clients love the high-quality talent with no overhead, which translates to flexibility in my rates and in those of my team. I have clients that rave about finding a law firm that is truly looking to the future, and that matches their sustainability and related goals. Clients love that only partners touch their file. And clients love having happy, generally well-adjusted attorneys!


What benefits does it bring to you?

As a natural overachiever, I put enough pressure on myself – it is a huge relief not to have additional pressure from firm management about hours. I don’t have the firm competing with the interests of my clients with respect to billing.


What would your message be to other lawyers interested in FisherBroyles?

Don’t you want to make more money and be less stressed?


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