Partner Spotlight- Julian Hammar

Dec 21, 2021
  • Partner Spotlight

Partner Spotlight – Julian Hammar

How long have you practiced law and what is your practice area?

I have been practicing law for more than 20 years. A great deal of my career was spent at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, where I worked on the Dodd-Frank Act rulemakings and was the author of the regulations to further define the term swap—I am “Mr. Swap” as they say. My practice focuses on derivatives regulation and compliance, but I have also advised clients on regulatory matters in other areas, including investment adviser, broker-dealer and related securities advise with respect to the SEC, as well as Volcker Rule and other regulatory advice for banks.

Who is your typical client?

My clients are varied, as the use of derivatives is pervasive throughout the U.S. economy.  They include private investment funds, banks (foreign and domestic), one futures exchange, and energy companies among others.

Would you comment on the growth of your practice at FisherBroyles?

I think derivative regulation advice can be a growth area for the firm.  For example, in recent months, we have received requests for advice from a number of private investment funds interested in trading crypto assets. While the main focus of these funds has been trading crypto assets themselves, they also have wanted to engage in derivatives trading involving these assets, which brings into play CFTC regulation. In certain circumstances, it may also implicate SEC regulation, and clients need guidance in these areas. Another example that may be growth area would be position limits, or trading limits on futures and options on futures that go into effect in January 2022, for which clients may need advice.

How is it different from previous law firms you have worked at?

Obvious differences are the working from home and the absence of associates inherent in the firm’s business model. Probably the most significant difference is that I am a partner (at my prior firms, I was an Of Counsel and Special Counsel—a firm employee), and I am building my own practice and to significant degree have great flexibility in doing so. In a certain sense, it’s like having a small business within a larger firm.

Have you been able to grow/build your personal practice since joining the Firm? If so, how and has the Firm’s model enabled that?

I have on-boarded clients from my old firm and have brought on some new clients while at FisherBroyles.  Cross-selling has also increased since I joined the firm in November 2019, which the managing partners encourage, and may also be a result of my tenure here (almost 2 years).




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