Entertainment & Sports

FisherBroyles has recently expanded its service to include the area of entertainment and sports law.  This practice group includes several diverse areas, including book publishing, motion pictures, music, television and sports.  We can create agreements as necessary and have experience in negotiating various deal terms and conditions.  We provide the same attention to detail in creating or negotiating each unique deal in the entertainment industry, whether we are working with individual clients seeking advice and guidance, or when working with corporate legal departments and their internal business clients.

Our professional offerings include the following:


  • Author-Agent Agreements
  • Trade Book Contracts
  • Professional Book Contracts
  • Self-Publishing Agreements (Vanity Press)
  • Publishers Agreements
  • Hard- and Soft-Cover Reprint Contracts
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Foreign Publishing Rights
  • Marketing Publication Licenses and Copyrights


  • Talent Representation
  • Options
  • Acquisition of Literary Properties
  • Producer Agreements
  • Production Financing Agreements
  • Merchandising


  • Personal Management Agreements
  • Business Management Agreements
  • Agency Agreements
  • Merchandising
  • Recording Agreements
  • Songwriter Agreements


  • Acquisition of Rights
  • Option and Purchase Agreements
  • Production Agreements
  • Financing Agreements
  • Producer Employment
  • Director Employment
  • Writer Employment
  • Performer Employment


  • Endorsement Licensing
  • Promoter Agreements
  • Agent Agreements
  • Coaching Agreements
  • Management Agreements
  • Sponsorship Agreements