TCPA Practice Group

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) increasingly governs how businesses communicate with customers.  The stakes of getting those communications right continue to rise.   Since 2010, TCPA litigation has dramatically ballooned by over 1,300%.  TCPA class actions are now among the most filed cases in the federal courts.  At statutory damages of $500 to $1,500 per violation, defendants sued for TCPA violations often face exposure in excess of $1 billion.

Class Action and Individual Case Defense

Our TCPA Practice Group has the experience and knowledgebase to successfully defend companies sued in class actions and in individual cases.  Our partners have considerable experience in courts nationwide, including the Northern District of Illinois – the busiest federal TCPA docket.  Our firm’s unparalleled structure gives our TCPA Practice Group the unique ability to quickly and efficiently investigate and evaluate TCPA cases in any venue.  Our Practice Group’s efforts have saved clients hundreds of millions of dollars in damages exposure, while minimizing the legal spend to get there.


We regularly counsel companies on TCPA compliance and training.  We recognize that the foremost step is understanding how your business works and how the TCPA impacts your operation.  We advise on ways to navigate the FCC’s wide-ranging TCPA interpretations.  We assist in the implementation of best practices and integrated practical solutions to avoid or minimize your business’ exposure.


Our TCPA clients span many industries.  We represent and counsel nationally recognized brands, private health care providers, mobile marketers, consumer financial institutions, small businesses who unknowingly find themselves in the crosshairs of seasoned TCPA class action attorneys, and many others.