Intellectual Property Litigation

Our IP litigators have decades of experience in a broad array of industries and the full range of venues available for resolution of IP disputes, including federal trial and appellate courts, arbitration, ITC, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Patent Trial and Appeal Board (e.g. IPRs and PGRs) and Trademark Trial and Appeal Board . We provide a full range of services tailored to the needs of our clients. Our distributed, cloud-based business model gives us the ability to provide efficient, cost-effective, representation in IP disputes across the country. We represent clients in patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret/trade dress, false advertising, Lanham Act, rights of publicity, and antitrust, breach of contract, and business tort claims that are often part of such disputes. Our partners are admitted to practice in most major metropolitan areas. Our litigators have served on nationwide panels such as the AIPLA Pattern Jury Instruction Committee and The Sedona Conference addressing the areas of antitrust law, complex litigation and intellectual property rights. What sets our litigators apart is their effective, creative problem-solving skills, and their preparedness to take any case to trial when necessary.

Our team has represented clients in many industries and technologies, including for example: alcohol distributors; apparel/footwear; audio electronics; automotive electronics and parts; automobile manufacturers; aviation (gas turbine engines); base stations; battery chemistry and renewable energy; biosimilars; business methods; call center systems, PBX, VOIP, Centrex, telephony, and video-conferencing; chemicals and formulation technologies; computer software and hardware; consumer products; cybersecurity; designs (patents and copyrights) for architecture, furniture, fixtures, jewelry, and textiles; ecommerce; electronics; exotic materials; fiber optics; food and beverage; gaming; GPS location systems and fleet telematics; hospitality/restaurant; insurance; mechanical, industrial, manufacturing, and production systems and processes; medical devices (e.g., laser catheters and orthopedic implants); metal processing (e.g., rolled steel, aluminum and copper); optics and optical switches; pharmaceuticals (ANDA); polymer and specialty resins; printing press and post-press technology; recording artists and companies; security lighting; semiconductors, including manufacturing processes; software; solar energy systems; sports; tools/tooling; toys/novelties; water/waste treatment; webhosting; and WIFI.

Our IP litigators have the support from our broad and deep bench of more than 60 USPTO- registered patent lawyers who practice in the biotechnical, computer science, chemical, electrical, and mechanical arts.