Commercial Transactions

FisherBroyles, LLP has built a full-service Energy, Oil, & Gas Law practice including: commercial contract preparation and negotiation, environmental permitting and litigation, intellectual property protection (trade secrets, patent prosecution, and IP litigation,) financial services and lending, international transactions, corporate compliance and administrative law, corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, securities and private equity law, bankruptcy law, immigration, and litigation.

Our offices in Houston, Dallas, Denver, California and Ohio – in particular – have attracted attorneys with signification experience in upstream, midstream, and downstream matters.  FisherBroyles LLP’s partners have in-depth experience with matters ranging from lease acquisition and unit formation, seismic exploration, refinery and terminal project finance, land use, surface easements and rights-of-way, drilling of vertical and horizontal wells, hydraulic fracturing, water disposal, oil & gas gathering and processing, allocation of production, valuation of royalty, measurement, and the transmission and marketing of oil & gas and refined products, including tariff proceedings before state and federal agencies, pipeline proration, and quality banks.

We have litigated disputes arising among: (i) landowners and mineral lessees, (ii) buyers and sellers of mineral production and of refined products, (iii) operators and non-operators of oil & gas wells, pipelines and processing facilities, (iv) federal, state and municipal regulatory agencies and their regulated entities, (v) disputes among shareholders including allegations of securities fraud, (v) gas processors and gatherers and their respective counter parties, and (vi) taxing authorities and taxpayers.

Practicing People: 73 People

Richard H. Bennett Atlanta
Gordon M. Berger Atlanta
Gregory S. Bernabeo Philadelphia
Richard P. Blessen Chicago
Kimberly Dempsey Booher Palo Alto
John E. Boyd New York
Victoria L. Brewster Palo Alto
Kevin E. Broyles Atlanta
Wayne P. Bunch, Jr. Houston
Randy Burton Houston
Vincent Bushnell Atlanta
Peter J. Cahill Boston
Lisa A. Carroll Chicago
Tarun Chandran Chicago
Melissa M. Choe Atlanta
Jeremy R. Cnudde Detroit
Kenneth Cutshaw Washington, D.C.
Stephen J. Di Cioccio New York
Paul D. Economon Washington, D.C.
Wendy Fields Washington, D.C.
David Fisher Los Angeles
James M. Fisher II Atlanta
Charles Geitner Naples
Edward J. Gildea Boston
Kevin Gluntz Cleveland
Damon P. Goode Atlanta
Rory Graham London
Michael Hickerson Charlotte
James W. Hill, MD Los Angeles
Janna Holloway Houston
Thomas Jennings Philadelphia
Carl R. Johnston Atlanta
Michael S. Khoury Detroit
Michael P. Kuhn Atlanta
Daniel Larkin Chicago
Ari D. Levine Philadelphia
Carl Loeffler Palo Alto
Timothy McFadden Chicago
Daniel Mizrahi New York
Alfred J. Monte, Jr. Philadelphia
Matthew S. Moore, III Atlanta
Scott Nathan Boston
Phi H. D. Nguyen New York
Tony Onorato New York
Steven C. Papkin Los Angeles
Matthew S. Parrish Cincinnati
Panna P. Patel Chicago
Thomas J. Peters IV Atlanta
Carson Porter Washington, D.C.
Eric Pritchard Philadelphia
Geoff Revelle Seattle
Martin B. Robins Chicago
Lawrence Robins Boston
Jonathan Rosan Philadelphia
Suzanne Kleinsmith Saganich Cleveland
Joseph M. Saponaro Cleveland
Christopher Schultz New York
Michael L. Shor Charlotte
David Smith Los Angeles
Andrew W. Stone Atlanta
Gordon W. Thomas Washington, D.C.
Hollace Topol Cohen New York
Michael R. Traven Columbus
Nicole Hughes Waid Naples
Ian Walsworth Denver
William Thomas Watts Jr. Atlanta
Andrew Webster Houston
Daniel K. Weidenbruch Naples
James C. Wheeler Atlanta
Thomas K. Wiesner II London
Dolph Winders Atlanta
Jack L. Wuerker Washington, D.C.
Craig F. Zappetti Philadelphia